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    I am currently working on a research project for fashion and design, and would like to see men’s fashion from fall of 1919.



    Hi Spivey97, I’m new around here; does each request go to every member of this site? It seems really dead, I mean some requests haven’t been answered in over a year. Until I answered some a few days ago, there’d been zero response for 8 months.
    I’m going to be able to answer yours in a couple weeks, when I get my new site up
    and running. I’ll post the URL link on this site when its ready to go. FCSIII



    Hoping someone here can look in an old catalog and help me. Apparently, in the 1970s and 1980s, Sears sold a high-end holiday Texas fruitcake. My stepfather really wants to find it again, but doesn’t remember the name. It was not Claxton or Trappist Abbey, which Sears sells now.

    Is anyone able to look through an old catalog to see what he is remembering? I’d love to find it for him.



    Hello Weavre (and/or Spivey97) I’m a recently joined member (FCSIII).
    I’ve opened a new Etsy shop which will fulfill all your needs.
    Its called Sears Catalog Search. I’ve got access to nearly every
    Sears catalog from 1896 thru 1993. I do the research for you,
    and provide screen shots of the actual catalog page(s) via email.
    This service costs just 50 cents per page photographed, and you
    decide how many pages (photos) you want based upon my findings.
    I’ll try to provide a link, but if that doesn’t work, my URL is:

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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